Donating To A Single-Parent Family Can Help With These Expenses

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Donating To A Single-Parent Family Can Help With These Expenses

It's admirable to make financial donations to national and even international charities, but there's a good chance that someone closer to home — and perhaps even in your neighborhood — could use a helping hand, too. While there are many types of donations that you can make, consider supporting a local charity that helps single-parent families. Many families of this type struggle financially, given that they only have one source of income — and the income itself might not be very high. When you donate what you can to help such families, you can feel good in knowing that the parent will be able to more easily handle the following expenses.


For any family, the grocery bill presents one of the biggest recurring expenses. This can especially be true of a family with a lot of children, and even more so if the children are teenagers who eat a lot. When you donate to a charitable organization that disperses funds to single-parent families, you can take comfort in knowing that the parent will be able to use your money to buy not only more food, but also better food. For example, the parent may be able to more easily afford fresh fruits and vegetables instead of those in a can.

Recreation Activities

A single-parent family often struggles with recreational activities. While the children may dream of getting to take part in different activities, the parent may sadly need to decline these requests simply because the funds aren't available. Often, the parent will need to put every spare dollar into essential expenditures, such as rent and household bills. Having extra money may allow the parent to happily give his or her children different recreational opportunities, whether it's enrolling a daughter in a gymnastics class for the first time or putting a son in karate lessons.

Family Time

A conscientious single parent will often work as much as possible to earn money to provide for the family, but this can leave a shortage of family time. With two jobs, the parent may reasonably work seven days a week, and thus not have much time at home with the children. Your financial donation can allow the parent to finally take a day off, using the time to take his or her children to a local museum, a park, or to simply spend time together playing in the house or in the backyard.

For more information on how to donate to single-parent families, contact a company in your area like Fighting Chance Inc.

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