Provide Humanitarian Aid Or Services To Your Local Indian Reservation

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Provide Humanitarian Aid Or Services To Your Local Indian Reservation

Are you looking to make a donation to help those in need in your community? Do you want to actually be hands-on and provide some kind of aid or assistance in person? There may be an opportunity to help out at your local Indian reservation. A number of Indian reservations throughout the country including the Pine Ridge Reservation accept help from their local communities. Here's how you might be able to assist in your own way.

Donate Funds

If you would like to help out the less fortunate people within an Indian reservation but you don't have a ton of time or excess resources to get directly involved, the easiest approach will likely be to just make a donation. You can likely find one or more groups in the area that will accept donations that are then directly turned into food, supplies, or educational resources.

Drop Off Food or Supplies

Maybe you don't have a ton of cash in the bank but you have a stockpile of canned goods or medical supplies that you know you are never going to use. You may be able to make a drop-off or otherwise donate these items to a group that will then take the goods to the local Indian reservation. The holidays are always a popular time for food drives, but keep in mind that these items are valued by the community all year round.

Volunteer Your Time

If you want to play a larger part in assisting those in need, reach out to a support group for a local Indian reservation and volunteer your time. You may be able to help pass out goods to those on the reservation. Even if you don't have a ton of financial resources to hand over, most organizations that help those in need will find a place for any volunteer who wants to help out in some way.

Teach a Skill

Do you have skills in working with children? Do you know something about plant or animal conservation that might be useful information to someone that lives on a reservation? Some programs help put Indians on the reservation in touch with an outside party who can teach a valuable skill that might make everyone's life easier. You may even be able to specifically seek out a youth-focused program if you have expertise or training in that area.

Contact a local organization that provides humanitarian aid or services to an Indian reservation to see how you can contribute. For more information on what to do for a reservation like the Pine Ridge Reservation, contact a professional near you.

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