Ways That Infant Charities Help Mothers, Babies And Families

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Ways That Infant Charities Help Mothers, Babies And Families

Having a new baby is a very enjoyable and exciting time. However, for some parents it can also be very stressful due to financial, medical or other reasons. Fortunately, there are many different infant charities that offer a helping hand for those mothers who are struggling financially or in any way that might have a negative impact on the health and happiness of the baby. These are some ways that infant charities help mothers, babies and families all over the world have happier, healthier lives.

Health Care Programs

Many infant charities help expecting mothers get the health care they need to ensure they have a healthy pregnancy. This may include helping them get signed up on government programs that pay for healthcare, enrolling them in nutrition programs and signing them up for lamaze and parenting classes that help them be better prepared for birth and motherhood. If there are any health issues discovered during pregnancy or after the child is born, these health expenses will also be covered by these same health care programs. The healthcare needs of the child is often covered for several years after birth.

Food and Nutrition Programs

Another area where infant charities can help mothers and babies is making sure the child has adequate food and nutrition. These programs provide infant formula and baby food until the child is one year of age. If the mother chooses to breastfeed, these programs also provide healthy food for her to ensure she produces enough healthy breast milk for her baby. After the baby no longer nurses or takes a bottle, healthy foods continue to be provided until the child is 5 years of age.

Infant Clothing and Supply Programs

Providing all the needs for a child can be very expensive. That's why infant charities also help provide a wide array of supplies, including clothing, diapers, wipes, bath supplies, bedding, cribs, car seats and more. Those parents who otherwise might struggle to provide these needs on their own can rest assured their babies needs are always met.

Housing Programs

For those who do not have stable, clean housing, infant charities can also be very beneficial. Programs are available to help families obtain a healthy environment to live in that is not beyond their ability to pay for. This may include low income apartment complexes or private rentals owned by landlords who accept housing vouchers for payment of rent.

Baby charities also help single moms, single dads and parents gain skills they need to become more independent in providing for their families. For instance, these programs often pay for the cost of getting a GED, getting a driver's license, getting car insurance, having car repairs done or putting a down payment on a reliable car, getting job training or taking college courses as well as helping them apply for and obtain employment.

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