Non-Monetary Things You Could Donate To A Non-Profit Housing Donation Campaign

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Non-Monetary Things You Could Donate To A Non-Profit Housing Donation Campaign

Would you like to do more to help individuals who need housing? If so, there are a number of things that you can do to help a non-profit housing assistance donation campaign. Each program will have its own rules about the type of donations that it accepts. Campaigns that aim to raise monetary donations usually have multiple donation options such as online donations, money orders, checks, or cash.

Do not be misled and think that you do not have individuals in your community or nearby communities who could benefit from these campaigns. You may not live in a metropolitan city or regularly see individuals who do not have housing. This is why there are local, state, and national non-profit housing donation programs. 

There are programs that only accept monetary donations. However, there are other types of donations that individuals can make. Your generosity could qualify as a tax deduction. The following points identify a few things that a housing non-profit donation campaign might accept from donors.


You can consider donating new or used furniture. When donating used furniture, keep in mind the condition. Ideally, you should make donations that are in decent condition. Some donors make furniture donations because they want to get new furniture for themselves. Their gently used furniture items are often in like-new condition. 

Wall Art and Decorations

If you have wall art in storage that you are not using, it could be appreciated by someone who is about to have their own residence. Other things such as figurines, clocks, and lamps are also ideal donations for decorative purposes. 

Kitchenware and Appliances

Some housing aid campaigns include raising funds to pay for appliances. However, if appliances are donated, the individual or family might be able to allocate the funds for another housing need. The non-profit organization might also be able to offer more assistance to others if they get appliance donations. Kitchenware donations of small appliances, silverware, and dinnerware are also donations that some campaigns may welcome.


You might have needed to look at that twice. Some individuals own more than one home. If you do, you can donate one of your homes to a non-profit housing donation campaign by transferring the deed to the organization. Even if you feel like the home is dilapidated, the organization might accept the donation and make plans to restore the property or use the land and rebuild.

There are many other ways that you can help others secure housing. Many non-profit organizations have a continual need for volunteers to help them provide services. Consider inquiring about donating your time, which is a valuable resource too.

For more information on a nonprofit housing assistance donation campaign, contact a professional near you.

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